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The Writings of Morloki

What Mysteries Unfold...

23 July 1986
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Date Created:14/8/2006
Number of Posts: 3

Morloki is an odd creature. She prefers to live in the shadows, seated elegantly at her laptop, working on only the gods know what. Perhaps even they don't want to know. We suggest you do not ask and leave her be, especially if she starts singing Malice Mizer lyrics with a creepy little smile on her face.
Strengths: Musical, creative, a very active imagination, can scream like a banshee when she needs to and is a splendid actress.
Weaknesses: Now that would be telling, wouldn't it?
Special Skills: Mysterious Powers, Whip Skills.
Weapons: Twin whips, various other sharp objects stashed around her person.
Motto: In life, there's only one set of rules worth playing by. Mine.

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